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Tips - Important check points


Important check points to increase your car A/C cooling efficiency

Check that the HVAC air intake plenum for leaves or debris. Clean it if require.

Depends upon the condition, clean or replace the pollen filter.

Check A/C condenser for materials clogging the fins (dirt, insects, etc.).

If the A/C condenser is clogged or restricted, carefully clean A/C condenser fins with water and detergent. (Note: Do not clean condenser with very high pressure of water, this may damage the fines).


Check A/C condenser for fin damage (bent fins). If any of the A/C condenser fins are bent, try to comb them straight.

Check that the A/C condenser fan and the radiator fan operate when the A/C is ON and good flow of air toward the engine compartment.


For a judgement, check the cut off and cut on temperature with the help of temperature gauge.

Check the air flow inside cabin, in case of inadequate flow get the AC evaporator unit clean.


Check the position of evaporator temperature sensor.

Check that the engine idle speed is correctly maintained when the A/C is switched on and off.

Check the quantity of ac refrigerant.

In case of loss of refrigerant please carry out system leak test.

Check the system high and low pressure and make sure it is as per specification.

Inspect the drive belt for physical damage or signs of slippage. If the drive belt is damaged or shows signs of slippage, replace it and recheck.

Check for kinks or sharp bends in the A/C lines and hoses (which can greatly reduce system performance). If any of the A/C lines and hoses are kinked or bent, replace it.


Inspect the A/C components, the pressure lines, and the hoses for stains that may indicate a refrigerant or an A/C compressor oil leak. If there is any indication of leaks, do the refrigerant Leak test.

Check that the A/C compressor clutch armature plate is engaging and rotating at the same speed of rotor pulley.

If A/C compressor clutch is not engaging properly, get it checked properly.

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