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"Precautionary tips for driving during the monsoon"

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Make this monsoon a safe & pleasant experience for drive, follow below precautionary measures.

Check condition of tyre and correct tyre pressure

Assure the tyre tread depth is well within the manufacturer's specification for better braking and traction on wet roads.


Check water level in wind shield washer reservoir and top up with clean water as and when required.

Check for proper operation of wipers, use proper shampoo or soap to clean the windshield thoroughly.


Check the condition of wiper blades. It should wipe the windshield /glass clean without any patches or lines.

Check proper function of rear window defogger


Ensure the reverse light turns on when engaging reverse gear, especially in conditions of poor visibility during monsoons.

Use parking lamps during the day if it is cloudy and dark.

Check for proper operation & alignment of Headlights including low/high beam/

Clean and functional tail lamps ensure that the following car notices your car and it helps to avoid collision.

Check proper functioning of A/C and different air vent modes for front windshield de misting operations

Check heater operations to warm the front windshield on rainy night drive conditions

Avoid drive on flooded roads

Driving on roads with water level above lower body line is risky, since opposite traffic or objects may create water splash/waves and may get sucked by engine.

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