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Honda WRV

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DARING to go

It is waiting to take on more uneven roads. It is ready to jump into longer drives, after all there's cruise control. It's open to more friends, yes there's room. With a stylish sunroof and an infotainment loaded digipad 2.0, it is itching to navigate itself to bigger adventures. To the tune of electrifying music and that breeze from above. It is here to fly past boredom in a cloud of dust. It is here to take on anything and dare everything..

With New Action-Packed Features, Aggressive Front Grille and LED Eyes That Shine With Excitement, The New WR-V is Daring To Go.

Comfortable Spacious Exclusively Designed Interiors That Keep Your Adventures Frequent And Your Drives Daring To Go

Convenient Storage Space And Room For Action-Packed Excitement That's Daring To Go


Gear Up for next-level connectivity via technologically advanced Digipad 2.0. With navigation, messaging, music and more, now you can seamlessly sync your drive to your smartphone enabled digital lifestyle with the help of intuitive and easy-to-use controls


Power That Redefines Your Drive. Transmission That Keeps You Ahead. Performance That Is Daring To Go.

The 1.5 Litres i-DTEC Diesel Engine

delivering 73 kW (100 ps)@ 3 600 rpm with 23.7 km/l. Low-friction aluminium construction.Available in 6-speed MT model

The 1.2 Litres i-VTEC Petrol Engine

delivering 66 kW (90 ps)@ 6 000 rpm and 16.5 km/l. Transmission tuned to take on cars in a higher weight category.


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